Create a uniform brand experience in the market.

Win new marketing share and deliver a unified brand experience across all touchpoints.

Dive deep into the consumer psyche to unlock a brand’s true potential and reduce risk.

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Творчески Идеи

Launch bold marketing initiatives that resonate directly with your consumer

So how do you find the sweet spot? Our Creative Ideation Lab and Design Thinking workshops uncover deep-rooted consumer truths & mindsets to develop meaningful and fresh ideas.


Творчески Идеи

Launch bold marketing initiatives that resonate with your consumer

So how do you find the sweet spot? Our Creative Ideation Lab and Design Thinking workshops uncover deep-rooted consumer truths & mindsets to develop meaningful and fresh ideas.


Discover Underserved Markets

Anticipate opportunities where consumer needs are not being met.

Find Hidden Drivers

Discover hidden drivers that persuade or hinder buying decisions.

Define Existing Perceptions

Win on the shelf by understanding existing customer perceptions.

Redefine Key Benefits

Understand and prioritize the benefits your consumers care about.

Бранд Позициониране

Create an eye-popping brand experience that pops against your competitors

Does your truly stand out or does it currently fall into the cracks? As the legendary coco-channel used to say: “in order to stand out. One must be different”.

Ние ви помагаме да обособите вашата най-отиличителна пазарна характеристика (USP), с персонален подход, който позиционира трайно бранда ви в съзнанието на клиента и му носи ясно комуникационно послание.

Бранд Идентичност

Make your brand resontate in the heart of your consumers

Does your brand identity currently resonate with the mind of your consumer? Remarkable brand identities don’t just make your product more memorable, it makes your brand more authoritative in the marketplace.

We craft enduring Brand Identities that develop credibility amongst its competitors and trust amongst its consumers.

Бранд Архитектура

Establish a deeper breadth and depth of your brand portfolio

Тя осигурява яснота и лесна диференциация в продуктовата линия, правилното й изграждане ви дава възможност да създадете добавена стойност и да утвърдите лоялността в клиента ви.

Създаване на Име

At Designboard, we have developed our own unique naming tools

and successfully created many acclaimed brand and product names that have build strong and lasting connections with consumers.


Превърни бранд посланието си в завладяваща история, която да обединява и вдъхновява. 

Ние знаем как да разработим автентични и вдъхновяващи истории, които да създават връзка с вашите клиенти и да ги мотивират да споделят вашите цели.

Concept & Mood-board

We know how to create relatable and purpose driven concepts and mood-boards

to help your business evaluate what best vibrates with consumers and reinforce their trust and reason to believe in your brand and product.  

Пазарно и Потребителско Проучване

We examine today’s consumers to identify their preferences, attitudes, motivations, and buying behavior

nd we help you audit your market place to spot new insights and opportunities for your brands and your business.


Илюстрации и Сториборд

Are you looking for a graphic representation of how a project or video will unfold

Нашите професионални илюстратори могат да ви помогнат да превърнете идеите си в реалност, развивайки скици и сториборд.

Ключови Визии

Does your Campaign or initiative key visual effectively express the communication you want to evoke with your target audience?

We develop functional and emotional key visuals alike, selecting the right photography, visual treatments and main thought provoking communication ideas that speaks to consumers and let’s them understand what the new product / service is all about.

Визуална Идентичност

Кога беше последният път, в който се погледнахте в огледалото? 

We craft unique and ownable visual identities that are impactful, relevant and simple enough to be brought to life across all touchpoints and printing requirements. This could include sub-brands and sub-ranges, all working  in a way that express the brand’s essence in all its potential.

Дизайн Проучвания

Нашите креативни дизайн проучвания се основават на предварително разработена концепция и идеи за комуникация. 

Ние сме факири, когато стане дума за правене на скици, илюстрации и разнообразни дизайн елементи, които оживяват концепцията и носят наслада на нашите клиенти и потребители.

Дизайн на опаковки

We have an infinite passion for packaging design

and craft consumer relevant packaging design solutions that instantly convey the brand promise and helps the brand get noticed at STOP, HOLD and CLOSE.

Бранд Гайдлайн

Нямаш ли бранд гайдлайн, нямаш визуална консистентност!

It’s an essential tool that will guide all stakeholders a holistic brand approach. A set of visual standards and regulations, instructions for practical use of a brand, Guidelines will help you visual consistency throughout all communication channels.


Клиентите ни могат да потвърдят, че имаме дългогодишен опит във внедряването на консистентни дизайн системи за множество размери, вариации и форми. 

Това обхваща различни материали, позиции, специфични нужди за конкретни държави, промоционален дизайн, адаптиране на формат и размер.


Активация на място на продажба

Давате ли възможност преживяванията с вашата марка да излязат извън супермаркета? 

We engage shoppers and stimulate instant purchases through memorable events and experiential activities. Promotional flyers, signage and product samples to landing pages, e-banners and marketing events, we develop effective shopper activation.

Ритейл Активация

Ние сме лидери, когато става дума за привличане на ценното внимание на купувача. 

We know it’s all about presentation, location, merchandising tactics, signage, quick messaging and eye-catching graphics to tickle impulses and desires alike.

Съдържание за социални медии

Липсва ли му на бизнеса ви стратегия за социални медии, съобразена с вашата маркетингова стратегия?

We know that social media is much more than just engaging with your consumers and asking for likes.  It is a tool to influence them with the right content that helps them make a decision.  

Видео и Анимация

Видео и Анимация са може би най-мощната формула за дигитална реклама.

We help you advertise and promote your brand and product using the various platforms and digital channels.

Digital POS

Are you meeting the retail needs of the new generation of “connected consumer”? 

We develop in-store point of sale technology that connects to information, people and devices to help shoppers shop smarter and retailers sell smarter!

E-Commerce Tools

Ecommerce tools can help you automate and simplify a wide range of tasks connected to your business.

 We help you utelise your time effectively and increase your efficiency.  Just ask us how we do it!