It’s 2022, and we’ve been looking at some of the latest trend forecasts for the year ahead.

They might not be novel; very few things have never been done before, but we use them to stay inspired and our creatives combine them to craft unique and ownable ideas that could potentially be the start of new visual trends in their own right.

So, let’s get started and deep dive into the top five most relevant trends for this year.



Vintage typography is the focus here. It’s also all about stark contrasting black and white illustrations from the 1980s. We observe this trend across beverages, food packaging, and health and beauty imagery. The vintage path takes you back to a simpler time, when things weren’t mass-produced in the millions, and packaging design was crafted with genuine care and that special hand-drawn quality.


By Fahrenheit 32

501 WORK-SHOP by Mobills-group


Here, the colours are flat, and a primary palette of bright reds, blues, and yellows is frequently used. The shapes include circles, squares, triangles, and so on. The geos trend’s aesthetics can be traced back to early Bauhaus design. This trend is reflected in print ad poster design and, of course, beloved packaging.

For 2022, we expect lettering that pushes the boundaries of egibility, creating forms that are artistic and expressive in themselves.



by @Mulekula from 99design

by @A&V 99design


In line with Pantone’s colour of the year, we’re moving forward with softer tones of pastels and muted colours, possibly a reaction to the intense colour scheme used in last year’s trends. Cosmetic pinks, blues and greens can be found in consumer-packaged goods, stock photography, and fashion. Doodles are more than just meaningless shapes that you draw when your mind wanders during a zoom presentation. What you doodle can reveal a lot about your sub-conscious mind and undiscovered creative flair.



by @ananana14 from 99design

by @Fe Melo from 99design

4. Y2K

We’re excited about all the new innovative print technologies and materials available to craft unbeatable STOP and HOLD at shelf.  These will not only bring about reflective and neon tube colours with dimensional patterns and effects, but also pave the way for curvier packaging with innovations in shapes such as angular geometrics and crystal shapes.  It has been used in technology marketing, print, AR, and VR.




Brining back memories of our teens, this trend adds visual disruption to any design by ageing it, giving it a history, and adding a character. Images or text is partially rubbed out, smeared or destroyed. Paper is torn, crunched or stuck on. It’s a rebellious reaction against the otherwise clean typeface and straightforward design and can be seen in print and poster design, music, motion graphics, and broadcast entertainment.



The graphic design trends of 2022 are a ragtag bunch once you take them all in.

The Trends resonate with us as we strive to find meaning and pleasure in hard times and to break what holds us down. Creators from all over the world gain strength with an open mind to craft mesmerizing designs with vivid colors, movement, perfect imperfection, and futurism.

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